Wedding Symbolic Ceremony

Perhaps you wonder what a symbolic marriage is? So many spouses are now asking themselves the same question! Here are some answers …

A symbolic ceremony, why?

The first question is: why the couples choose a symbolic ceremony? The reasons are varied according to the couple.

Often this option is considered when marriage abroad seems too complicated to organize. Do not you want documents or worry about civil or religious procedures? The symbolic ceremony is the ideal solution.

Another of the reasons mentioned mainly by couples is the freedom that allows in particular in the place that will host the wedding: a beach, a private garden or even an unusual place. Often outdoors, something that traditional Catholic religious marriage for example does not allow.

A customized ceremony

One of the highlights of the symbolic ceremony is the customization of the marriage. The couple will choose the texts, the readings, the poems, the music, they will talk about themselves and their loved ones. No ready stories or cold and impersonal ceremonies. The spouses will be the center of the attention. Tears of joy could come, get your tissues ready!

It’s YOUR ceremony, so you decide! You will be able to choose the moments you want and at the right time. Have you always dreamed of a short and happy ceremony? Or on the contrary, a long and emotional ceremony? You choose. But… be careful not to fall into the ridiculous!

What are the rules of a symbolic marriage?

The only rule is that there is no rule!

However some tips can be given for a successful and memorable ceremony:

  • As a religious ceremony, create special moments with customized texts read by witnesses or people close to the spouses
  • Organize moments of music to take some breaks
  • Avoid a ceremony too short (which could leave guests disappointed) or, on the contrary, too long (and that could become boring)
  • Do not choose the random celebrant … And yes, often the couple gives this responsibility to a family member. But beware, this is not an easy task! The success of the ceremony is largely based on the celebrant’s shoulders. Everyone can not speak well in front of an audience! For this reason, we advise you to call an external celebrant and professional who will be able to conduct the ceremony.

The possible rites

Within the ceremony you can enter one or more rites, according to your wishes! For example:

  • The exchange of the rings: almost obligatory, this passage is the symbol of eternal love, connection, infinity, strength, fidelity
  • The exchange of votes: the spouses make promises, proof of their mutual commitment in front of their witnesses and their relatives
  • The ritual of sand: symbolizes the newlyweds who will become only one…
  • The ritual of wine: the spouses seal their wishes in a box containing a bottle of fine wine. In case of difficult steps within the couple, they can open it and reread their commitments, remember why they are together. On the contrary, if everything goes well, they will be able to open the bottle and celebrate their wedding anniversary with dignity! (ideal rite for those who like good things in life!)

Feel free to contact us to organize your symbolic ceremony!