5 Places not to be missed on Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Beautiful certainly but also very romantic and evocative thanks to the Borromean Islands and other hidden treasures. Here is a list of the 5 places not to be missed…

Stresa and the Borromeo Islands

Obviously the first stop to visit when spending a holiday (or a few days) on the shores of Lake Maggiore is Stresa and the Borromee islands. Not visiting them would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower or going to Rome and not seeing the Colosseum. If you have time, we suggest you to visit at least Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori but Isola Madre is also worth the effort, for its suggestive gardens and tropical plants.

Santa Caterina del Sasso

Sanctuary built right on the rock that goes to pico inside the lake. Very evocative, it is also a place full of serenity and quietness. To be seen.

The gardens of Villa Taranto and Villa Pallavicino

The garden of Villa Taranto is recognized as “one of the most beautiful gardens in the world” while the garden of Villa Pallavicino will enchant the little ones with its animals to observe…

Arona and the Rocca di Angera

The Rocca di Angera dominates the southern end of Lake Maggiore. If you are passionate about history, its historic rooms, embellished with precious frescoes will conquer you. Inside the Castle, on the other hand, you will find the Doll and Toy Museum, which is beautiful both for adults and children.

Arona. City known for its long lake on which it is pleasant to take a walk in the summer with ice cream in hand or the pedestrian center and its boutiques. But beyond that, it also has a historical charm with the Piazza del Popolo and its typical colored buildings or the Rocca Borromea where there are the remains of a fortress, founded in a period just before the year one thousand (still intact and impressive twin of the Rocca Borromea of Angera).

Cannero Riviera 

Known as the city of citrus fruits. In fact, the Village has a long historical tradition of citrus cultivation: in its famous gardens and elegant villas you can see ancient specimens. And it is thanks to the cultivation of citrus and olive trees, favored by the mild climate of Lake Maggiore, that Cannero, since the mid-twentieth century, has taken the name of “Riviera”.