Have you always dreamed of a fairytale ceremony on the shores of the most romantic lakes in Italy?

I take care of the organization of your ceremony on Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore or Lake Como.

Thanks to my experience I will be able to direct you to the ceremony that suits your needs and desires.

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I organize all kinds of wedding ceremonies

The symbolic wedding has no legal value, but a great scenographic value, because often the couple chooses to experience the emotion in an enchanting place, a dreamy location.

There are several possibilities for organizing a symbolic ceremony:

  • The couple decides to get civilly married and to make only the symbolic marriage in Italy to avoid the bureaucratic process of a wedding abroad
  • The couple decides to get married at the Italian Town Hall the morning or the previous day, with only a few people
  • If the location allows it, you can also think of combining the symbolic wedding with the official civil ceremony. In this case, the civil ceremony will have legal value

In any case, choosing a symbolic wedding is not a “light” gesture. In fact, the wedding, even if it will not have legal value, will still have a strong sentimental and emotional value in front of your guests and the words pronunced by the main protagonists (celebrant, newlyweds and witnesses) will remain immortalized in your memories!

The symbolic ceremony is a great choice for newlyweds who want a customized ceremony in an enchanting place.

Thanks to my internal celebrant, I can also organize your ceremony in Italian, English or French.

If you opt for a Catholic religious wedding, you are spoiled for choice, as the lakeside area is filled with amazing baroque churches!

I will help you find the church, the Priest and do all the paperwork related to marriage.

I also organize weddings of all religions: Protestants, Evangelicals, Jews, Hindus … or concordat marriage. 

Italy is one of the few countries where it is possible to marry religiously and civilly, at the same time, as the priest has legal power.

This type of marriage is called “concordat” and can be celebrated in any region of Italy, as long as it is in a church.

If you opt for a civil marriage, you can choose between two options:

  • When the reception venue is authorized to celebrate it, it will be possible to organize a civil ceremony directly on site with the presence of the Mayor outdoors or in a room of the wedding venue
  • If the venue is not enable to celebrate the civil part, the ceremony will take place directly in the Town Hall. Some of these are very characteristic buildings, sometimes overlooking the lake, such as the Town Hall of the small village of Orta San Giulio

I always recommend combining the civil ceremony with a “symbolic” wedding with my celebrant. In fact, the civil ceremony simply consists of reading the texts of the law… it is therefore not very customizable and not very romantic.

I will help you complete the paperwork so that your marriage is recognized in your country of origin.

For a few years, homosexual couples have been able to get married through civil union.

If you are a same-sex couple, I can therefore organize your wedding with legal value on the shores of the most beautiful Italian lakes.

The “elopement” is a romantic wedding with very few guests, sometimes just the couple.

Often arranged at the last minute, it is sometimes a secret that the couple will reveal to the family/friends only upon return. 

For your elopement in Italy, I propose packages studied especially for this type of weddings. Contact me for a customized quote.

Ceremonies August 1, 2019