We are a family company, let introduce ourselves…

Wedding & Event Planner

«Passionated by languages, I initially followed literary and linguistic studies in France to finish my course in 2007/2008 by one year in Tourism, Hotels and Events Management and a Wedding Planner training in Rome. After that, I had the opportunity to work in organizing trips and several years in the hotel and luxury sector in Geneva. I completely changed life by coming to settle down in my area of origin, that I like forever and I know by heart: Lake Maggiore. Being able to discover its splendor and lavish culture while combining my love of event planning is for me the most fascinating thing.»

Languages spoken: French, Italian, English, Spanish / Hobbies: Reading, sewing, cooking, sport, travel

Coordinator & Design

«After having worked for years in the family business in the building sector, I oriented myself in commerce between France, Italy and Spain. In 2002, I devoted myself to a construction activity on the Geneva basin. In 2011 I stopped my activities and I moved to the Lake Maggiore area to bring my entrepreneurial experience to my daughter Marlene and the society Il Pavone Bianco for which I try to convey the values that I hold such honesty and respect for people.»

Languages spoken: French, Italian / Hobbies: Painting, plants

Loïc Buono
Private Driver

«I worked as a driver in the Lyon region in France for three years and over Lake Geneva for four more years after which I decided to return to my country, Italy, where I followed private driver training. Full-blown in my new role, I am happy to travel the roads of this beautiful region and to be able to make it discover to our guests.»

Languages spoken: French, Italian / Hobbies: Sport, cars, travel, nature