Our job, our passion is to realize your dreams. Said like that, it may seem banal.

But what is a marriage if not the realization of a dream? A day surrounded by your loved ones where the whole “organizational” and “technical” sides do not interfere with the magic side of the moment.

We are here for our spouses to enjoy this memorable day that takes place once in a lifetime: for that, it is precious and must not be left to chance.

Organizing a wedding – or any event – is for us a challenge whose primary goal is the full satisfaction of our customers.


If these principles are as important to you as they are to ours then we are the agency for you…

Transparency and clarity: our offers are transparent, the costs detailed and accurate. Of course, some costs may vary, you are informed and therefore have no surprises.

Customization: our services are all customizable to the extreme. You have an event that looks like you and is like you, unique.

Easy: we are here to make your life easier, so you have one contact. We take care of the relationship with all the suppliers and the payments are directly managed by ourselves.

Welcome: it is important for us that your guests feel good on the day of the event. We do everything to welcome them as we should and we ensure their well-being throughout the day.

Children: the children are guests like the others. We have many services dedicated to them (baby sitting, entertainment, children’s table…) to ensure their well-being and they have fun as much as the adults !

Quality of service: all our suppliers have been chosen with particular attention and meet the requirements of high standing. If the bride and groom to be wish for suppliers who are not present in our catalogs, they will have to inform the agency which reserves the right to validate them. The agency will not be responsible for the inconvenience caused by a provider chosen by the spouses and who has not been validated by us.

Attention to details: we are perfectionists and the details are for us an obsession !

Trust: It is important for us that our married people trust us. We do not impose anything but we guide you and our experience allows us to give you the best advice for the success of your event.

Respect: respect for the client, his tastes, his desires, his experience. But also respect for the environment, a subject that is particularly important to us.


Respect for the environment is essential for us. Our events are held in beautiful surroundings and we are in the perspective of protecting them sustainably.

For that we have set up principles:

  • We do not offer products based on non-recyclable plastics (for example, candy boxes)
  • We favor bonbonnières “useful”: local products or that can serve beyond marriage (example: candles …)
  • We favor local products at km 0 wherever possible
  • We favor local service providers or from neighboring regions wherever possible
  • All balloons for the launch are biodegradable, based on natural rubber
  • We promote craftsmanship, made in Italy or at least European manufacturing for all elements of the wedding (example our menus, invitations (…) are handcrafted by our local service provider)
  • For the exit of the church, we do not accept synthetic petals but natural products such as rice, natural petals, lavender…
  • We do not offer services that “use” animals such as throwing doves, butterflies or horse drawn carriages