Un mariage au milieu des vignes piémontaises
Carmen and Yannick, our couple from Canada, made the journey of a lifetime to tie the knot amidst the Piedmontese vineyards, in an enchanting setting that embraces the region’s rich wine culture and culinary specialties.

Choosing the boutique hotel La Villa Hotel in Mombaruzzo for their nuptials, Carmen and Yannick opted for a luxurious and charming venue meticulously designed in every detail.

With the convenience of on-site accommodation for some guests, the couple and their loved ones enjoyed an extended weekend celebration, starting with a welcome dinner in the form of a “pizza party” and culminating in a poolside brunch the following day.

Following an emotionally charged ceremony with a panoramic view of the vineyards, guests were treated to a magnificent buffet of typically Italian appetizers. The colors and flavors perfectly complemented each other, tantalizing the taste buds. The dinner unfolded under the stars and vintage lights, followed by a lively celebration organized under a magnificent wooden and brick structure, featuring the cake cutting, luminous fountains, and a spirited party.

Mariage Piémont

The wedding decor seamlessly blended with the chosen venue, incorporating rustic chairs, a wine-themed seating arrangement, and gourmet gifts for guests (artisanal regional spreads for the ladies and olive oil for the gentlemen).

Every detail was thoughtfully curated to bring an element of elegance, with gold accents from the couple’s invitations extending to a delicate centerpiece featuring a transparent candle.

If you aspire to create a similar ambiance for your wedding, feel free to reach out to start planning these exceptional details.