Maybe you ask: What exactly does a Wedding Planner do?

How can he help me to organize the most beautiful day of my life? Will it really be a help or just a waste of time and money?

So many questions … legitimate, as this professional figure has been present in Europe for a few years.

Today, however, the Wedding Planner has become an indispensable figure in the world of marriage.

Here is a list of the main responsibilities in our work:

1- Listen and understand the needs of the couple in order to propose the most appropriate services for them. With our experience, we will be able to advise on the choice of the venue, menu, decoration… always respecting the personality of the bride and groom.

It is the Wedding Planner who has to adapt himself to his customers… not the contrary !

2- Make the right proposals, respecting the budget the couple want to dedicate to their event. In fact, the Wedding Planner can help the couple to save money!


Here are the three main reasons:

  • The Wedding Planner has his network of suppliers, with whom he often collaborates and therefore is able to obtain special rates
  • He knows various “tricks of the trade” of some services that can help the couple to stay within their budget…
  • He knows market prices so he can keep an eye on the budget by advising the couple

3- Organize and coordinate all suppliers: before the wedding, a long time before…! We really save the couple time. As soon as the bride and groom confirm the wedding, the Wedding Planner starts working right away: we contact the various suppliers, take care of the bureaucratic side of things, block the wedding venue, the caterer… All the things the bride and groom prefer to “avoid”.

In the meantime, they can devote time to more enjoyable tasks such as choosing a wedding dress or tasting the menu

Much before the wedding, the Wedding Planner starts a “check-list” that will only end on the big day!

4- Support the bride and groom during this great “adventure” up until the big day! The Wedding Planner is also a human being who is over present and available in case any doubt should arrive…

Thanks to us, the couple will enjoy organizing their wedding without worries and enjoy their loved ones during the big day

To summarize, the Wedding Planner…

  • Ensure the couple can rely on professional suppliers without unpleasant surprises and respects the budget they have set
  • Guide the bride and groom to the choice of venue, menu… without imposing anything
  • Coordinate all the various vendors to make sure everything goes as they wish, and they will only have to enjoy their big day